City Government

The municipal government established by the City Charter is known as the "Council Manager" form of government. The elective officers of the City consist of five City Council members elected at-large. The City Council elects one of its members as Mayor. The Mayor is the official head of the City for all ceremonial purposes and, together with all Council members, interprets the policies, programs and needs of the City government for the people. The Council also elects a member to serve as Mayor Pro Tempore. The City Manager is the head of the administrative branch of the City government and is responsible to the City Council.

The City Council serves as the City’s primary policy-making and legislative body of the City. The Council also serves as the Whittier Redevelopment Successor Agency and the Whittier Public Financing Authority Board, Whittier Utility Authority and the Whittier Housing Authority. The City Council adopts the City's annual operating budget and capital improvement program.