Role of the Board or Commission Member

Each Board Member or Commissioner is appointed by the City Council for a term of four years. A Board or Commission member is a qualified resident and elector of the City who possesses desirable attributes or experience that may benefit the operation of the City government.

Once he/she has accepted the appointment and received the oath of office, the member is a representative of the City government and expected to abide by all rules and prescribed conduct for the appointee of a City Board or Commission.  He/she is also expected to work for the well being of the City.

Each Board or Commission member is responsible for attending meetings. Non attendance of three consecutive meetings or non attendance of five meetings in any six-month period may result in replacement of a Board or Commission member by the City Council.

All Board and Commission members serve without compensation. The citizen participation which results from the creation of Boards and Commissions is an important asset to the function of City government. Board and Commission members are encouraged by the City Council to present ideas as well as concerns. This valuable input can have an important impact on the development of City policies and procedures.