Animal Control FAQs

How much will my dog license be?
The current fees are as follows:
Unaltered Dog $60
Spayed or Neutered Dog $36
Senior Citizen* $18
Late Fee $20 

*In order to qualify for the senior citizen rate, you must be at least 60 years old and your dog must be altered.

LA County Animal Control Licensing Fees

LA County Animal Control Ordinance

Title 10

Who do I call about coyotes?
Animal Control does not trap coyotes. Please call one of the following for coyotes or visit for more information on living with wildlife:
Habitat Authority 562-945-9003
Dept of Agriculture 626-575-5462

Tips for Living with Coyotes
Puente Hills Habitat Preservation Authority Ecologist, Dan Cooper, has provided some tips on Living with Coyotes. Click here for more information.

I have lost my pet
Check the Los Angeles County Animal Control webiste to view lost & found animals. 

Clicking on Lost & Found on the left side of the page will give you some tips on how to find your lost pet.

11258 South Garfield Avenue
CA 90242

Downey Animal Care Center
Lost Pets Tips

I want a dead animal removed
Call Animal Control at Phone: (562) 940-6898 and be ready to give them the location of the animal and major cross streets.

Phone: (562) 940-6898

I want to adopt a pet (dogs, cats & rabbits)
Please visit the Los Angeles County Animal Control website below to see pictures and descriptions of all animals available for adoption at the shelters.

LA County Animal Control Adopting a Pet

I want to report a stray dog / cat
Call the number below to report any stray dogs or cats.  Be ready to tell them the cross streets where the animal was last seen, type of animal, color of the animal, and any other information you may have.

Phone: (562) 940-6898

I want to volunteer to work with animals
Los Angeles County Animal Control has a volunteer program.  Please click the link below to find out how to become a volunteer.

Volunteer Information

Where can I find Los Angeles County Code Title 10?
Click here for information about Title 10.

Where do I get a license for my dog / cat?
Licenses are issued by Los Angeles County Animal Control in Long Beach or at the shelter in Downey.  Applications are available by calling Animal Control or going to the county website (link located below) and clicking Pet Licensing on the left side.
Phone: 562-345-0400

Phone: 562-345-0400

LA County Animal Control

Where is the animal shelter?
The shelter serving the City of Whittier is located in Downey.

11258 S. Garfield Avenue

Phone: (562) 940-6898

Map to Downey Shelter
Los Angeles County Animal Control

Am I required to get a microchip for my dog?
If you live within the City limits, you are not required to have a microchip for your dog at this time. However, LA County recommends them as a tool for faster return of your pet.

LA County Animal Control - Microchips

Where can I get a microchip for my dog?
The County’s Downey shelter implants microchips for free, call them at 562-940-6898 for details. There is a one time fee to have the dog registered nationally. Please call Downey Animal Shelter for details. In addition, most private veterinarian offices will implant the chip for a fee.

LA County Animal Control - Microchips

Will Animal Control pick up a live animal?
Animal Control no longer picks up trapped animals, but you can drop them off at a shelter.

LA County Animal Control

How many dogs can I have?
Whittier Municipal Code 18.10.20(A) states that single family residences are allowed a maximum of 3 dogs and/or cats per household. Multiple family homes (two or more units on a lot) are allowed a maximum of 2 dogs and/or cats per unit.

Do I have to license my cat?
If you live within the Whittier City limits, you are not currently required to license your cat. The County has a voluntary program available. The cost to license your cat is $10 if your cat is unaltered and $5 if your cat is spayed or neutered.

LA County Animal Control