Tips for Living with Coyotes

Coyotes have long been a common sight in some parts of Whittier and in many other communities in Southern California.  Coyotes are seen more often in urban neighborhoods when water and food sources in the hills become scarce, as is the case now that we are in a drought condition.  Residents living adjacent to the Whittier Hills have been accustomed to wildlife visits as a normal aspect of life but coyotes are now ranging much further into residential blocks to look for water and food sources. As such, it is important that residents not provide these sources as it encourages wildlife to come into yards.  Similarly, it is important that small pets not be left unattended in the outdoors, even in fenced yards.  For more information, please click below:

Tips for Living with Coyotes (pdf)

“Living on the Urban Edge: The Coexistence of People and Wildlife”

Living on the Urban Edge from City of Whittier on Vimeo.

Numbers to call:

Animal Control does not trap coyotes. Please call one of the following for coyotes or visit for more information on living with wildlife:
Habitat Authority 562-945-9003
Dept of Agriculture 626-575-5462

Habitat Authority – Living with Coyotes