Building and Safety Handouts
 Aluminum Patio Covers 
 Art In Public Places Program In-Lieu Fee Application 
 At-Risk Submittal Acknowledgement 
 Bathroom Remodel Requirements & Sample Floor Plan 
 Change of Contractor Form / Contractor of Record 
 Change of Contractor Form / Property Owner 
 City of Whittier Building Permit Application Form 
 Common Property Line Wall Agreement Form 
 Development Impact Fees 
 Fence or Wall on Owners Property 
 Fire Flow Availability Form - Non Residential 
 Fire Flow Availability Form- Residential 
 Kitchen Remodel Requirements and Sample Floor Plan 
 Owner-Builder Acknowledgment 
 Owner-Builder Declarations 
 Patio Cover Standard Plan 
 Plan, Permit and Inspection Procedures for Previously Unpermitted Construction 
 Pool and Spa Requirements 
 Pool Demolition Requirements 
 Request for an Extension 
 Request for Change/New Address 
 Request for Refund 
 Request to Cancel Project 
 Request to Duplicate Official Copy of Plans 
 Roof & Re-roof Guidelines 
 Sample Submittal Package for the Historic Resources Commission 
 School District Map 
 Sewerage Connection Fee Form 
 Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Retrofit Verification Form 
 Solar Permit Requirements 
 Special Inspector Registration 
 Standard Plot Plan Form 
 Tenant Improvement Plan Requirements 
 Typical Garden Wall Detail 
 Typical Masonry Pilaster Detail 
 Typical Retaining Wall Detail With Garden Wall 
 Typical Retaining Wall Detail with Level Surcharge 
 Typical Water Heater Installation 
 Unreasonable Hardship Finding Application 
 Window and Door Replacement 
 Wood Fence Requirements