Plan Check, Permits, and Inspections


As of January 1, 2017, the City of Whittier adopted the new 2016 California Building Standards Code. These new codes are used by our plans examiners and building inspection staff to evaluate minimum standards proposed for and used in construction projects throughout the City. This new code series includes the following Parts of Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations:

  • Part 1: 2016 California Administrative Code
  • Part 2: 2016 California Building Code
  • Part 3: 2016 California Electrical Code
  • Part 4: 2016 California Mechanical Code
  • Part 5: 2016 California Plumbing Code
  • Part 6: 2016 California Energy Code
  • Part 7: 2016 California Elevator Safety Construction Code
  • Part 8: 2016 California Historical Building Code
  • Part 9: 2016 Los Angeles County Fire Code
  • Part 10: 2016 California Existing Building Code
  • Part 11: 2016 California Green Building Code
  • Part 12: 2016 California Referenced Standards Code 
  • 2016 California Residential Code, based on 2012 International Building Code 


Prior to submittal of plans and specifications for Building & Safety plan review, projects must first be evaluated by the Community Development’s Planning Services Division (Please see the Planning Services Division’s web page to learn about their requirements or call (562) 567-9320 and ask to speak to a Planner). If you are planning to enlarge, modify, repair, convert the use, move or demolish an existing building, portions thereof, or the mechanical, electrical or plumbing systems or to construct a new building or other structure, it is recommended that you first consult with the Planning and Building & Safety Divisions. Please feel free to drop by the Community Development Department anytime from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday for those consultations or call ahead for an appointment.


Once the Building & Safety plan review is complete and you have completed any processing required by other agencies having jurisdiction over your project and have forwarded those approvals (and/or receipts showing payments of fees when required) to the Building & Safety Division, your project will then be ready for permit issuance. Permits are issued to properly licensed contractors and to owners of residential properties (or their authorized agent, authorized by notarized letter) for any or all types of construction work on a residential structure. Property owners and tenants in non-residential facilities may apply for a Building Permit only and permits for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing work (or other types of work when required by the Building Official) will only be issued to contractors that are appropriately licensed to do the type of work involved in the permit.


In general, each construction project typically requires multiple inspections. At the time of permit issuance, your plans will be stamped as reviewed for code compliance and you will be issued a project “Job Card.” Your job card and approved plans should be kept in a safe location, away from the sun and weather, and must be made available to your inspector at the time of the inspection. The inspector will record the results of your inspection in the job card and if necessary, issue a correction notice for items that must be completed before the next phase of work can begin. If you have any questions concerning the inspection it is best to speak directly with your inspector.

Once your work is ready for inspection, be sure to arrange at least one business day in advance for your inspection. Please however, be aware that the work load for the inspectors may require a longer lead time for your request. When requesting an inspection you will be asked by the Building & Safety staff for your address, your permit number and the type of inspection you are requesting. Please call (562) 567-9320 to schedule an inspection.