Economic Development

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“Growing Whittier-Planning the Future, Preserving the Past” is the theme for economic development activities in the City of Whittier. The City values the unique history and strives to maintain the character of the community while recognizing the importance of being flexible to accommodate the changing economy in Southern California. Economic development is a top priority for the Council because it plays an integral role in the community. Prosperous business owners, quality, high-paying jobs, and an increased tax base produce a healthy city. With an increased economic vitality, the City may continue to provide a high quality of life for workers, business owners, property owners and all residents.

The Vision for economic development in the City of Whittier is:

A well balanced City where business complements and adds to the quality of life for all who live, work, shop and play in Whittier.

The Mission statement established to achieve this vision is to:

Facilitate the growth, diversification and stability of the Whittier economy; create prosperous income opportunities for all citizens of the City; expand the economy; and provide a sustainable future for Whittier.

The City of Whittier’s Business Development Manager serves as the ombudsman or point-person at City Hall for the business community and is available for assistance with permit status; technical assistance referrals. Other responsibilities include:

  • Business Attraction
  • Business Outreach & Retention

The Business Development Manager is also responsible for the City’s Economic Development Strategy. The Strategy is designed to be a “road map” for a successful Whittier economy and will be revised on a yearly basis. To request a copy of the current Economic Development Strategy, please call the Community Development Department at (562) 567-9320 or to view an electronic file, click here.

For more information about Economic Development efforts in the City of Whittier, please contact Katie Galvin-Surbatovic in the Community Development Department.

Guide to Doing Business in Whittier

Click here to download the reading version.
Click here to download the printable booklet version.

Click here to view the latest Sales Tax Update produced by HdL, the City’s contracted property and sales tax analysis vendor.

As part of the City's Economic Development program the City contracted The Buxton Company, a leader in retail development strategies and analysis of customer data and demographics, to look at the trade (market) area for the City of Whittier and local businesses. The information gathered assists the City in attracting the right businesses to locate or expand in the City of Whittier. The data collected in the Consumer Propensity Report is also valuable for existing local businesses as it can help businesses better understand existing clients and customers as well as potential customers and their shopping patterns.

Click here to view the Whittier Consumer Propensity Report provided by the Buxton Company.