Nelles/Brookfield - Draft Environmental Impact Report

The City of Whittier has completed the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR), for the Lincoln Specific Plan—commonly known as the site of the former Fred C. Nelles Youth Correctional Facility.  The proposed Lincoln Specific Plan has been submitted by the project developer, Brookfield Residential and proposes the development of up to 750 housing units and approximately 208,350 square feet of commercial space.  In addition, the project proposes nine planning areas distributing commercial and residential land uses with Independence Park as its central component.  There are three commercial and six residential planning areas.  Additionally, four historically significant structures are proposed to be rehabilitated and integrated into the project area.  The DEIR provides information about potentially significant impacts, identifies ways to minimize these impacts, and evaluates feasible alternatives.

 Sec 00_Table of Contents 
 Sec 01_Executive Summary 
 Sec 02_Introduction 
 Sec 03_Project Description 
 Sec 04_Cumulative 
 Sec 05-00_Environmental Analysis 
 Sec 05-01_Aesthetics 
 Sec 05-02_Air Quality 
 Sec 05-03_Biological Resources 
 Sec 05-04_Cultural Resources 
 Sec 05-05_Geology and Soils 
 Sec 05-06_Greenhouse Gas Emissions 
 Sec 05-07_Hazards and Hazardous Materials 
 Sec 05-08_Hydrology and Water Quality 
 Sec 05-09_Land Use and Planning 
 Sec 05-10_Fiscal 
 Sec 05-11_Noise 
 Sec 05-12_Public Services and Recreation 
 Sec 05-13_Utilities and Service Systems 
 Sec 05-14_Transportation and Traffic 
 Sec 06_Other CEQA Considerations 
 Sec 07_Alternatives 
 Sec 08_EFNTBS 
 Sec 09_Persons Consulted 
 Sec 10_References and Sources Cited 
 Sec 11-01_NOP_lS_Environmental Checklist 
 Sec 11-02_NOP Comment Letters 
 Sec 11-03_Tree Evaluation 
 Sec 11-04_Air Quality_Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data and HRA 
 Sec 11-05_Biological Technical Report 
 Sec 11-06_Cultural Resources Reports 
 Sec 11-07_Geology and Soils Reports_pt1 
 Sec 11-07_Geology and Soils Reports_pt2 
 Sec 11-07_Geology and Soils Reports_pt3 
 Sec 11-08_Environmental Site Assessments_part1 
 Sec 11-08_Environmental Site Assessments_part2 
 Sec 11-08_Environmental Site Assessments_part3 
 Sec 11-08_Environmental Site Assessments_part4 
 Sec 11-08_Environmental Site Assessments_part5 
 Sec 11-08_Environmental Site Assessments_part6 
 Sec 11-09_Drainage and Water Quality Study 
 Sec 11-10_Urban Decay Study 
 Sec 11-11_Fiscal Impact Study 
 Sec 11-12_Noise Data 
 Sec 11-13_Public Services and Utility Correspondence 
 Sec 11-14_Water and Wastewater Facilities Evaluation 
 Sec 11-15_Water Supply Assessment 
 Sec 11-16_Traffic Impact Analysis 
 Sec 11-17_Reuse Feasibility Study 
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