Whittier Redevelopment Agency

The Whittier Redevelopment Agency (WRA) was established on September 21, 1971. The Agency currently has four redevelopment projects: a) the Greenleaf Avenue/Uptown Whittier Redevelopment Project established in 1974, b) the Whittier Boulevard Redevelopment Project, established in 1978, c) the Whittier Earthquake Recovery Project, established in 1987, and d) the Whittier Commercial Corridor Redevelopment Project, established in 2002.

The Greenleaf Redevelopment Project covers a 137-acre area in Uptown Whittier and along Greenleaf Avenue. The area is developed primarily by office buildings, retail stores, condominiums, and institutional uses.
The Whittier Blvd Redevelopment Project consists of approximately 238 acres containing a variety of major commercial and light industrial uses along Whittier Blvd., the primary corridor into the city from the San Gabriel River Freeway (I-605).

As a result of the Whittier Narrows earthquake of October 1987, many of the existing structures in Uptown Whittier were severely damaged. On Nov. 24, 1987, the Earthquake Recovery Project, a tract of land consisting of approximately 521 acres, was established by the City as part of the plan to rehabilitate and revitalize the damaged area. The Earthquake Recovery Project includes the core Uptown retail area and surrounds the Greenleaf Redevelopment Project on the east, north and west side.

The Whittier Commercial Corridor Redevelopment Project consists of approximately 628 acres and is the primary commercial corridor area on both sides of Whittier Blvd. This project includes the Fred C. Nelles site and the commercial area on Lambert Road south of the original area.

Below is a parcel map of the four Whittier Redevelopment Project Areas. For more information on the City's Housing Programs, click here.

Download Project Area Map

As part of the strategy to close funding gaps in the State’s budget, AB X1 26 and 27 were signed by the Governor on June, 29, 2011.  Parts of the new laws eliminate redevelopment and suspend redevelopment agency activities, including incurring indebtedness or entering into or modifying contracts.  The new laws also established a new Alternative Voluntary Redevelopment Program that allows Cities to “buy-back”/re-establish their agencies then continue their work improving communities.  On July 26, 2011, the City Council approved Ordinance No. 2978, which re-established the Whittier Redevelopment Agency under the Alternative Voluntary Redevelopment Program.  The second reading of the Ordinance occurred on August 9, 2011.

Because the City Council voted to re-establish the WRA, the Agency was not required by the aforementioned new laws to file an Enforceable Obligation Payment Schedule (EOPS) by August 28, 2011.  This EOPS process was reserved only for those agencies that were not planning to opt-in  to the Alternative Voluntary Redevelopment Program.  However, as a result of the Supreme Court’s “modified stay” issued on August 17, 2011 the opt-in legislation was “stayed,” while the legislation requiring agency wind down was left in force.  This change required the Whittier Redevelopment Agency to comply with the wind down provisions and adopt an EOPS on August 23, 2011.  The document can be downloaded by clicking here.

More information about the state of redevelopment in California can be found on the California Redevelopment Association’s website. (http://www.calredevelop.org/)