Do you need a permit for a home alarm?
The Police Department issues alarm system permits. You can contact the Police Department at (562) 945-8250 or visit their website.

How do I arrange for an inspection?
Please call one of our staff members at (562) 567-9320 Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM and they will assist you in scheduling your inspection. Be sure that the work is ready for inspection when you call, that you call a minimum of one business day prior to your request, that we have full access to the area of improvement (including provision of a ladder for roof access if needed) and that an adult is present during the inspection. Our cutoff time for inspections scheduled for the following business day is 3 PM and, on occasion, the inspectors' work load schedule may require longer than one business day notice so please provide as much advance notice as possible. When you call please have the following information ready to give to our staff:

1. The job site address
2. The permit number (the six digit number stamped on your permit)
3. The type of inspection required (check your job card if you don't know for sure)
4. Your name and a phone number we can reach you at if there are any concerns prior to the inspection

Who do I call if my building is in the unincorporated area, not the City of Whittier?
The number of the Los Angeles County Building Division is (562) 946-1390. The number for the Department of Regional Planning is (213) 974-6411.

Do you need a permit for a garage sale? What are the garage sale regulations?
The City of Whittier does not require permits for garage sales; however, there are regulations that apply to your event:

- No more than one garage sale is permitted during any three-month period.
- No such garage sale shall be longer than two days.
- Such sales shall be conducted only during the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. of any day.
- Signs may only be posted on private property. Signs may not be posted in the public right-of-way, on City trees or in the parkway.