Victorian (circa 1880-1905)

Queen Anne

Queen Anne style

Character-defining Features

(Queen Anne Type)

  • One, two and three stories;
  • Irregular plans and asymmetrical massing;
  • Hipped, gabled or combination of roof forms;
  • Abundant use of spindle work, patterned masonry, and decorative millwork detailing;
  • Horizontal wood, shingle, fish scale or a combination of these siding styles;
  • Wrapped porches;
  • Bay windows, oriels or corner towers (corner towers may be lacking in one-story cottages);
  • Narrowly proportioned double hung wood windows. Later houses may have curved windows in towers; and,
  • Leaded and colored glass often used in transoms.

Folk Victorian

Folk Victorian

Character-defining Features

(Folk Victorian Type)

  • One and two stories in height;
  • Rectangular or L-shaped plans;
  • Moderately or steeply pitched roofs;
  • Horizontal wood siding;
  • Decorative  wood shingles and/or verge boards within the front gables;
  • Porches with turned wood posts, spindle work; and,
  • Tall, narrow wood windows.

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Siding Examples

Fish scale shingles



Lap siding






Horizontal wood siding






Wood shingle siding