Specific Plans

Homes Built in 1941 or Earlier

All homes built from 1941 or earlier will require a Certificate of Appropriateness application for any improvements such as additions, window change-outs, exterior modifications, etc.

Whittier Boulevard Specific Plan

The Whittier Boulevard Specific (WBSP) was originally adopted in 2005 and updated most recently in July 2015. The Specific Plan represents the zoning along Whittier Boulevard that consists of five land-use districts: the Gateway Segment, Workplace District, Shopping Cluster District, Center District and Neighborhood Spine District. The zoning clusters specific land uses into distinct districts. For example, within the Neighborhood Spine, in east Whittier, multi-family housing is permitted along Whittier Boulevard. The Plan also includes street and landscape design enhancements to Whittier Boulevard. To see the current Whittier Boulevard Specific Plan document click here.

Uptown Specific Plan

On November 10, 2008, the City Council unanimously adopted the Uptown Whittier Specific Plan which provides guidelines for well-designed new development. The Plan is expected to encourage investment and help to revitalize the area.

The specific plan changes land use regulation from traditional land use zoning to a form-based code. Form-based codes focus on the visual aspects of development; for example, how a proposed building fits with the existing buildings and street. Other concepts presented in the plan include: a “park once” parking strategy; wider sidewalks to provide for a more pedestrian friendly environment; and more residential housing so as to support the businesses and provide for a culture that promotes a sense of place.

The City looks forward to seeing the transformation of Uptown and the return of a thriving business district. To download the Uptown Specific Plan click here.

Whittwood Town Center Specific Plan