City Clerk Department

City Clerk Lisa Pope
Lisa Pope
City Clerk
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The City Clerk Department is comprised of two divisions:

  • City Clerk
  • Records & Information Technology

The Department has custody of, and is responsible for all official records belonging to: 

  • City of Whittier
  • Whittier Redevelopment Successor Agency
  • Whittier Utility Authority
  • Whittier Public Financing Authority
  • Whittier Housing Authority

City Clerk Division

The City Clerk Division is responsibile for:

  • Recording all policy and administrative decisions of the City Council, Redevelopment Successor Agency, Whittier Housing Authority, Whittier Public Financing Authority, and Whittier Utility Authority
  • Preparing written agendas for regular and special meetings of the Council, Successor Agency, and Authorities
  • Preparing and maintaining the official minutes of the proceedings

To see the Calendar of City Council meetings select Meeting Calendar in the "Quick Links" area. The City Charter and Whittier Municipal Code are also maintained by the City Clerk Division. You can search the Charter and Municipal Code online.

As custodian of official records, the City Clerk maintains:

  • Original fully executed ordinances and resolutions
  • Contracts
  • Agreements
  • Minutes
  • Inactive and permanent records 

City Clerk staff manages a micrographic program to preserve and protect the City’s history. Staff assists citizens and staff in researching City-related matters. You may contact the City Clerk’s office at (562) 567-9850 to make a request for public documents or click here to access the form.

The City Clerk conducts and coordinates all municipal elections called by the City Council, and performs election activities as mandated by the City Charter, California Elections Code, and Voting Rights Act. The City Clerk is the filing officer for financial reporting by City officials and candidates. The City Clerk instructs and assists elected and appointed officials and designated personnel in complying with provisions of the Political Reform Act. For more information on elections and voting, please click here.

It is also the function of the City Clerk’s office to publish, post and mail legal notices in compliance with applicable laws. This department coordinates the formal sealed bid process, which includes noticing, receiving, and opening sealed bids. Vendor lists are maintained by individual departments for projects and purchases.

The City Clerk's Office administers the City Council's Board and Commission policy. Applications for appointment on an advisory board are available in the City Clerk's office. Click here for an application. Please contact the City Clerk's office at (562) 567-9850 for additional information.

Records & Information Technology Division

The Records & Information Technology Division is responsible for:

  • City telecommunications and data networks
  • Geographic information system (GIS)
  • City website

The Division is also responsible for:

  • City Hall receptionist/switchboard function which includes:
    • answering and directing all incoming telephone calls
    • directing visitors to appropriate departments
    • daily processing of all mail received and sent by the City