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The Whittier Historical Newspaper Collection, accessible via the button below, consists of digitized issues of the Whittier Graphic, Whittier Register, Whittier News, Whittier District News, and the Whittier Daily News, dating from February, 1888 to February, 1956.

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Whittier Historical Newspaper Collection

Digital Newspaper Collection Search Tips

Try using quotation marks around a search term for more relevant results. The search John Painter will return results of every instance of either John or Painter. “John Painter” will return only instances of both words next to each other.

If searching for the history of a Whittier structure, business or home, using the address as a search term is a good place to start. Use “Whittier Street Number Changes” to discover pre-1966 addresses. When searching for an address, perform a search with the direction abbreviated, and another with the direction spelled out: for example, “102 N. Greenleaf” as well as “102 North Greenleaf”.

Also helpful for newspaper research is the Vital Records Index (vol. 1: 1888-1930; vol. 2: 1931-1957), published by the Whittier Area Genealogical Society, and available for reference use at the Whittier Public Library. It contains an index of the adoption, birth, baptism, marriage, divorce, and death announcements found in Whittier newspapers spanning 1888-1957.

The Availability of All Whittier Newspapers

Below is a table of all Whittier newspapers, with publication span and current availability. It is based on a list compiled in 1991 by Mynatt Smith, former editor of the Whittier Daily News. His sources included the recollections of people closely associated with the production of Whittier newspapers, such as Lee E. Owens (associate publisher of the Whittier Daily News), and Winnie McFarland (editor of the East Whittier Review).

Sources for 2015 additions and corrections to Mr. Smith’s list include the catalogues of the Whittier Public Library and Whittier College, collection lists of the Whittier Museum, and the California Newspaper Project catalogue.

Availability year spans should not be understood as indications of comprehensiveness.

The foregoing information is subject to alteration and correction as more information is offered and uncovered. It represents the best information that has been available thus far. Improvements are invited and can be sent to historyroom@whittierlibrary.org.

Newspaper Title


Publication Dates

Whittier Public Library

Whittier Museum

Whittier Graphic


Dec. 24, 1887 to 1889

Digital: 1888
Microfilm: 1888
Paper: 1887

Paper: 1888

Whittier Pointer*


1889 to 1893



Whittier Register


1892 to 1911

Digital: 1892-1909
Microfilm: 1892-1911

Microfilm: 1892-1904
Paper: 1892-1911

Whittier Herald

Weekly and Daily

1910 to 1911


Paper: 1910-1911

Whittier News


1900 to 1910

Digital: 1901-1905
Microfilm: 1904-1910

Microfilm: 1905-1910

Whittier News


1905 to 1960

Digital: 1905-1926; 1928; 1935-1956
Microfilm: 1905-1960

Microfilm: 1905-1960
Paper: 1903-1960

Whittier News Progress Edition



Digital: 1953

Paper: 1897-1923

Whittier News Annual Edition



Digital: 1924
Paper: 1920-1926

Microfilm: 1916-1926

Whittier Daily News


1960 to present

Microfilm: 1960-present

Paper: October 1987; current issues from date of last microfilm reel until next reel arrives.

Microfilm: 1960-1995
Paper: 1960-1968

Whittier District News



Digital: 1924
Microfilm: 1924

Microfilm: 1924

Whittier Californian and Deep Sand Review




Paper: 1929-1933

Coast Reporter




Paper: 1935-1936

Whittier (Star) Reporter

Twice Weekly



Paper: 1936-1968

East Whittier Review



Microfilm: 1953-1982


East Whittier Star Review



Microfilm: 1956-1967

Paper: 1947-1957

Quad Shopper and Rio Hondo Valley News

Twice Weekly



Paper: 1953-1988

This Week in Whittier


Oct. 1983 - Mar. 1984

Paper: 1983-1984


Whittier College newspaper Quaker Campus has a weekly output, with publication dates 1914 to present. Available at the Whittier College Library are formats: Digital, 1964-current (digitization ongoing); Microfilm & Paper, 1914 to present.

The Whittier College Library also holds issues of the Whittier Daily News on microfilm, 1957-2001.

*The Whittier Pointer is held by the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles.