Dee C. Essley

Dee C. Essley 

Mr. Essley arrived in Whittier with his family in 1902. He briefly describes their coming to Whittier and a description of Whittier at that time. The conversation mainly details a history of medical care in Whittier and the building of both Murphy Memorial Hospital and Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital. Interviewers are Harry and Lowell. They are not identified by surname.


  • Essley, Dee C., 1894-1983.
  • Broadway Cemetery (Whittier, Calif.)
  • Murphy Memorial Hospital (Whittier, Calif.)
  • Founders Memorial Park.
  • Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital (Whittier, Calif.)
  • Mount Olive Cemetery (Whittier, Calif.)
  • Rotary Club of Whittier
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