Esther and Marcella Rideout
Esther Rideout
September 22, 1976

Marcella Rideout
October 3, 1976

Albert Raymond Rideout, father of Esther and father-in-law of Marcella, was a horticulturalist and real estate developer. In 1905, he planted an avocado variety known as the Ganter Budwood, which eventually yielded such profits it was insured for $30,000. He also built the road to the hills above Whittier once called Rideout Heights, and was responsible for the real estate development of the area. The photo below is from a Whittier Chamber of Commerce brochure published 1920.

  • Rideout, Esther.
  • Rideout, Marcella.
  • Rideout, A.R.
  • Pearce, Phyllis.
  • Russel, Martha.
  • Avocado industry.
       Famous Ganter Tree, from 1920 Whittier Chamber of Commerce brochure