David Cowardin

David Cowardin
Whittier Hills Collection

David Cowardin, Los Angeles County planner and past president of the Whittier Hills Preservation Task Force (WHPT), tells interviewer Carole Hull of the WHPT Force's efforts since its inception in the 1980's. Both WHPT and its successor (Open Space Advisory Committee) worked with the city of Whittier, Calif., to establish and plan a wilderness land park. Cowardin discusses political campaigns, funding issues and community activism. He describes land use plans for preserving the gnat-catcher habitat, native animals and plants; and for public access trails and volunteer workers.


  • Cowardin, David H.
  • Whittier Hills Preservation Task Force (Whittier, Calif.)
  • Whittier (Calif.). Open Space Advisory Committee.
  • Wilderness areas--California--Whittier.
  • Natural resources conservation areas--California--Whittier--Management.
  • Hull, Carole.
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