Civic History

Whittier Civic History Books: Narrative & Photographic



History of Whittier

Arnold, Benjamin F. & Clark, Artilissa D.


393 pages

979.493 ARN

Covers the history of Whittier from 1887 to 1933. First book-length written history of the town; referenced by most subsequent books on Whittier history. Chapters written by various people. Includes photographs, table of contents, short index, appendices, and “honorable mentions” – a list of people and their occupations not detailed in this book.



Index to the History of Whittier*

Denton, Jean Van Antwerp


58 pages

WH 979.493 DEN

A topical and name index to Arnold & Clark’s History of Whittier.



Old Whittier 1904

Fire Department, Whittier, California


90 pages

979.493 WHI

Facsimile reprint of the “Souvenir of Whittier” published by Whittier Fire Department, January 1904. Photographs of business interiors and exteriors, residences with address and owner’s name, churches.  Includes an introduction on the history of Whittier to 1904.



Whittier (Images of America)

Garabedian, Mike & Ruud, Rebecca


128 pages

979.493 GAR

Covers 1887 to 1987, the first hundred years of Whittier history. Photographs drawn from Whittier Public Library, Whittier Historical Society & Museum, Whittier College, and private collections, with captions.



Pioneer Families of Whittier

Mathony, Virginia


144 pages

979.493092 MAT

Covers 31 families who arrived in Whittier between 1887 and 1900. Organized by time period and family name. Includes photographs, table of contents, index, bibliography.



Pioneer Families of Whittier II*

Mathony, Virginia


191 pages

WH 979.493092 MAT

Covers 22 early families of Whittier. Organized by family name. Includes photographs, table of contents, index, bibliography.



The Architecture of William H. Harrison, A.I.A.


Myers, Irving


51 pages

WH 720.9794


Photographs of structures designed by noted Whittier architect William H. Harrison. Interiors and exterior shots of schools, civic buildings, and residences. Includes table of contents and brief biographical sketch of the architect.



Whittier Revisited

Mathony, Virginia


149 pages

979.494 MAT

Covers 1887 to 1997, the first hundred years of Whittier History. Originally appeared as a series of articles published in the Whittier Daily News in 1986. Includes photographs, timeline and index.



Founders and Friends

Pearce, Phyllis M., Radford, Claire G., & Rummel, Mary Ann


125 pages

979.493 PEA

Covers Whittier area from late 1700s to 1915. Organized by location. Each written entry accompanied by photograph of house, park, school, or church. Includes photographs and bibliography.



Historical Volume and Reference Works V. II, Los Angeles County*

Studer, Robert Paul


1,051 pages

WH 979.493 STU

Covers Whittier area (including Bassett – also known as Avocado Heights, City of Industry, La Habra, La Mirada, La Puente, Pico Rivera, Santa Fe Springs, Walnut, and Whittier) from the late 1700s to 1963. Loverne Morris is credited as historian. Includes photographs, detailed table of contents, and name index.



Whittier: a Picture Postcard History

Valdez, Rudy


96 pages

979.493 WHI

Postcards depicting Whittier street scenes, landscapes, businesses, churches, schools, and residences. Also includes photographs. Captions detail history of structures as well as correspondence written on verso of postcards.  Includes table of contents, bibliography, and photo credit list.

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