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Newly Digitized: Whittier Street Number Changes

Posted On: February 19, 2014

The most recent addition to the Whittier History Room website is a book called Whittier Street Number Changes, published by the City of Whittier in 1966. This book is an important reference tool for anyone researching the pre-1965 history of a residential or business address.

The book is part of the Visual Collection, in the category City and Street Directories.

City Ordinance 1705, effective 12/31/1966, dictated that all addresses in the City of Whittier be changed to five-digit numbers (where previously they had been three or four digits), in order to be consistent with the Los Angeles County address numbering system.

Whittier Street Number Changes is one of the most requested books housed in the Whittier History Room. If you have ever wondered about previous residents of your Whittier home, or about a former business at a particular Whittier address, the first step in your research will be to consult this book to find the former address.