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Whittier City School District is proud to have been selected for participation in Cohort 11 California Math and Science Project. This highly competitive grant funds $2 million of federal and state funding to impact the teaching of 50 K-2 teachers in our district. Thus, 1500 students will be impacted every year by the professional learning and collaborative efforts of the work done in this grant.  We believe that ALL students have the ability to perform at high levels and teachers are the key to fulfilling student potential! 

GREEN STEM (Growing the Readiness of Educators to Enhance and Nurture Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is a three-year commitment for participating teachers. The areas of focus aim to fortify already-strong practices in the areas of instruction for English Learners, Mathematics, and Technology to enhance learning. Every year, GREEN STEM teachers commit to 60 hours of summer training, 40 hours of summer online training, and 24 hours of professional development during the school year in the form of instructional coaching, lesson study, and training. Our goal is to increase student achievement in mathematics. Collaborative Partners include California State University Dominguez Hills, Whittier College, Whittier Public Library, SKILLS Foundation, Team Science, and Silicon Valley Math Initiative. We work closely with our collaborative partners to influence positive change in each others' organizations.

Parents are their child’s chief advocate and most essential teacher – at homework time and always. To assist in this crucial role, Great Minds - Eureka Math has assembled a suite of resources that will help you to help your child become proficient in math. 

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