About Us

On April 17, 1900 the Whittier Public Library Board of Trustees held its first meeting in Landrum Smith's drugstore. With an initial collection of 60 books and 200 magazines, the library facilities began in the Woody Building as a reading room, maintained by Mr. Hester in exchange for space for his telegraph office. In 1907, a Carnegie grant funded the construction of the building at Bailey and Greenleaf that many Whittierites fondly remember.

As the city expanded, a larger library was needed, and the Friends of the Library organized in 1956 to raise money for a new building. Through their efforts, and those of the board members, librarians, and citizen fund raising groups, the new library was completed at the Washington Avenue site in May of 1959. In 1968, service was further expanded with the construction of the Whittwood Branch Library on Santa Gertrudes.

The library is extremely proud to have served the information needs of Whittier's people for over a century. With the hope for a new library on the horizon, and the integration of developing technology and resources, we look forward to the challenge of the approaching millenium.


Connecting people to knowledge, to ideas, and to one another.


Whittier Public Library will provide facilities for the 21st century where people of all ages and backgrounds will find a welcoming environment, outstanding collection, access to the latest technology, and services that are in keeping with the Library's tradition of excellence.


The Library Board of Trustees has established a Standard of Behavior and other policies so that Library users and staff have a clean, pleasant and safe environment.  We need your cooperation to reach this goal. 

Library Board of Trustees

Board Members

  • Gail Chabran-Chair 
  • Lynne Mook -Vice Chair 
  • Doris Huxtable
  • Rubin Johnson 
  • Rob Settlage