e-Books Frequently Asked Questions

Is there special software required? Yes, you will need to download Adobe Digital Editions in order to download and read ePub titles. You will need to download the Blio App to download and read Blio titles. Both of these are free to install and use.
Which devices are compatible with Axis 360? ePub and PDF titles are compatible with Nooks, Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, and other eReaders. Blio titles can be read on PCs, and also on Apple and Android based tablets once the Blio app has been installed.
How many items can I have checked out at one time? 5
Can I return ePubs or PDFs early using Adobe Digital Editions? Yes. Click here for instructions.
Can I return audiobooks early?    Yes. Click here for instructions.
Can I place holds on items? Yes, you can.
How long is the checkout period? 1 to 21 days, you get to choose.
Can I return Blio books early? Yes.  Click on your operating system for instructions: Android, Apple OS, Windows PC,Kindle Fire. If you are having trouble, uninstall the Blio app and download the latest version.
How long do books remain in my checkout list? 15 minutes without checkout
How long do I have to check out my hold from the time I am notified that it's available? 3 days
How many times can I download a title I have checked out? There is no limit as to how many times you can download a title.
Can I renew a title? No, but you can check it out and re-download it again.
Can I browse for books and check them out directly on my device? Yes, but for the Nook tablet you will still need to use a desktop or laptop and download to Adobe Digital Editions, and then transfer the books to your tablet.
Are Blio books Mac compatible? No, Blio books are not Mac compatible.
What does the checkout list do? The checkout list is like a shopping cart. You can add the titles (up to 5) that you would like to check out, and then check them out all at once. Keep in mind that you have 15 minutes from the time you add a book to your checkout list to complete your checkout, otherwise the book will become available for another customer.
Can I delete items off of my device? Yes.
Can I make a wish list? Yes.
Will items in my wish list check out for me? No, you need to manually check them out.