Friends Monthly Book Auction

October 2014

To view these items and make a bid, visit the display case next to the parking lot entrance of the Central Library.  Bidding ends the last Saturday of the month at noon.

1. Raggedy Ann in Cookie Land by Johnny Gruelle;  M.A. Donohue & Co. 1931     minimum bid $6

2. The Teacher of Water Color Painting by D.M. Campana; art textbook 5th printing: 1944    minimum bid $5

3. Whittier College Yearbook; Acropolis 1941  minimum bid $10

4. Born to Trot by Marguerite Henry; Rand McNally & Co. 1962    minimum bid $6

5. Whittier College Yearbook; Acropolis 1940     minimum bid $10

6. In the Days of Thy Youth by Walter Dudley Cavert; Abingdon Press, 1971, devotional readings for young people     minimum bid $5

7. Graded Classics Fifth Reader by Haliburton & Norvell; B.L. Johnson Publishing Co.; 1903;      minimum bid $5

8. Whittier College Yearbook 1943; Acropolis    minimum bid $10

9. Whittier College Yearbook 1942; Acropolis    minimum bid $10