Friends Monthly Book Auction

January 2017

To view these items and make a bid, visit the display case next to the parking lot entrance of the Central Library.  Bidding ends on Saturday, February 4 at 5:00 p.m.   

 1.      Mrs. Ike Memories of Mamie Eisenhower; copyright 1996,  hand signed by author, Susan Eisenhower, granddaughter of the Eisenhower’s; excellent condition; memories on the life of Mamie Eisenhower;            minimum bid $6


2.      Young America’s cookbook; 1939 copyright; Charles Scribner’s & Sons, New York; beginner cookbook with step by step procedures for boys and girls. Dust cover torn but book in excellent condition.                                  minimum bid $6


3.     Intentionally blank


4.      Wakainia & the Clay Man;  by Ernest Kalibala & Mary Gould Davis; reprinted 1953 from first edition, 1946; hand signed by author, 1956; authentic folk tales of the Baganda Tribe of East Africa.                              minimum bid $6


5.      Orpheus and Eurydice; 1901, J. B. Lyon Company, by John Pennie; Plato’s version of this Greek tragedy with illustrations; binding wear inside, but excellent condition for age.                           minimum bid $6


6.      Family First; 1996 Harper Collins; hand signed by the mother of basketball player Michael Jordan; Deloris Jordan commitment to church and community, mother of five children.                minimum bid $6


7.      Flower-De-Luce; collection of poems by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; book given to Mary from Frank, 1866 December 25th; excellent condition, with black and white illustrations.                      minimum bid $6


8.      New Geography; Book One; by Alexis Everett Frye; 4th grade school textbook, 1920; excellent condition; inside cover written in pencil “First snow November2, 1928.” Signed by a 4th grade teacher ; book from Iowa, with some interesting writing in pencil;                       minimum bid $6


9.      A Yankee at the Court of King Arthur;  by Mark Twain; 1923 Chatto & Windus, London; only date found maybe a reprint, still old. book in excellent condition, for any collector of Mark Twain;                minimum bid $6


10.   Manuel in Mexico; copyright 1929 first 1909; book is from the Los Angeles City School Library; story tells how Manuel and his friend Benito leave the hacienda for Mexico City; outside wear but inside good condition;                                minimum bid $6