Friends Monthly Book Auction

May 2015

To view these items and make a bid, visit the display case next to the parking lot entrance of the Central Library.  Bidding ends on June 27th at noon.

  1.   Captain Bill and his Jungle Magic: by Hassoldt Davis; Franklin Walts, Inc.; minimum bid $5
  2.   Apache Gold and Yaqui Silver;  by J. Franks Dobie; Bramhall House reprint of 1939 edition; minimum bid $8
  3.  The Book on Pekingese by Queenie Verity-Steele;, 1930;  many charming pictures in black and white of dog breed – wonderful English ads ; minimum bid $7
  4.  The Central Valley Project;  by The Work Project Administration; 1st edition, 1942; California State Dept. of Education; California controversial water planning; minimum bid $12
  5.  The Little Lame Prince & his Traveling Cloak;  by Miss Mulock;  1927 edition; Rand McNally Co.; minimum bid $10
  6.  Wings from the Wind;  anthology of poems selected & illustrated by Tasha Tudor;  2nd printing, 1964; J. B Lippincott Co.;  wonderful color pictures, very good condition although previous school library book; minimum bid $8
  7.  The Cokesbury Stunt Book by Arthur M. Depew; Cokesbury Press, Nashville Tenn. 1934; minimum bid $5
  8.  Life of Zachariah Chandler by The Detroit Post and Tribune, 1880; public service Michigan history; beautiful black and white engraved pictures; minimum bid $10
  9.  Health can be fun; by Munro Leaf; J. B. Lippincott Co., 1943; Seventeenth printing, previous school library book, with clever black and white pictures; minimum bid $7
  10. 1999 Victory without War by Richard Nixon ; Simon and Schuster; 1st edition, 1988; signed by Richard Nixon minimum bid $50