Friends Monthly Book Auction

March 2017

To view these items and make a bid, visit the display case next to the parking lot entrance of the Central Library.  Bidding ends on Saturday, April 1 at 5:00 p.m.   



1.      Phantom of the Opera;  Copyright 1988; by Gaston Leroux; illustrated by Greg Hildebrandt; excellent condition, colored pictures of famous play and movies;            minimum bid $6


2.      32 Ways to be a Champion; by Magic Johnson; signed copy; copyright 2008; Good condition, an addition to any sport collector.                             minimum bid $6


3.      Rose Recipes; by Eleanour Sinclair Rohde; decorated by Helen Kapp; copyright 1939; a collection of rose recipes and the use of petals;             minimum bid $6


4.      Bait Angling for Common Fishes; copyright 1907; The Outing Publishing Company; Handy guide for fishing bottom fishes in their habitat; one loose page but in good shape for age.   minimum bid $6


5.      Breaking the Surface; Greg Louganis, diving champion; signed copy; copyright 1995;  biography of diving 1988 Olympic champion; excellent condition, pictures.        minimum bid $6


6.      Cooking with Regis & Kathy Lee; copyright 1993; excellent condition; easy recipes from TV personalities;                                                minimum bid $6


7.      Whispers along the Mission Trail; copyright 1986; textbook of California missions; excellent condition, black and white pictures;                             minimum bid $6


8.      The Golden Goblet; copyright 1914; children’s book, excellent condition, for age;              minimum bid $6


9.      Searchlight Recipe Cookbook; copyright 1943; cookbook to meet the needs of a young homemaker; testing by Household Searchlight began in 1925; book in good condition;               minimum bid $6

10.   Raggedy Ann’s Magical Wishes; copyright 1928; rare treasure; loose pages in good condition; colored pages, clean for aged children’s book;                                   minimum bid $6