Friends Monthly Book Auction

August 2015

To view these items and make a bid, visit the display case next to the parking lot entrance of the Central Library.  Bidding ends on August 29th at noon.

1.     McGuffey Books; Eclectic Primer; Eclectic Progressive Speller; Eclectic Pictorial Primer; Eclectic First; Second, Third and Fourth Reader; Mott Media; 1982 reprint of 1984 Edition; 7 books in slipcase;                        minimum $25


2.     California Mission Days; by Helen Bauer; copyright 1951, no spots or stains;            minimum bid $8


3.     I Can Tell God Things; by Robbie Trent; copyright 1954; wear on outside, pages in good shape;            minimum bid $7


4.     Growing up with Dick and Jane; by Carole Kismarie and Martin Heiferman; copyright 1996; cut out dolls, original stories;       minimum bid $12


5.     Guess Who; copyright 1951 by Scott Foresman & Co.; very good shape minimal wear;                  minimum bid $12


6.     Dick and Jane and Friends;  We Look and See; We Come and Go; The New We Work and Play; copyright 1984; Treasury of three Dick and Jane books;     minimum bid $8


7.     We Bow Our Heads; Edited by John W. Doberstein; drawings by Peggy Geiszel, poems and prayers; copyright 1999; light wear on spine;                       minimum bid $10


8.     Fun with Dick and Jane; Commemorative Collection of stories; copyright 1996, eleven small books                          minimum bid $5