Friends Monthly Book Auction

October 2016

To view these items and make a bid, visit the display case next to the parking lot entrance of the Central Library.  Bidding ends on Tuesday, November 1st at 9:00 p.m.   

1.      Margot Fonteyn; published 1953; a fully illustrated record of ballets performed by the famous ballerina.            minimum bid $6

2.      Horton Hatches the Egg;   Dr. Seuss; copyright 1940; Hardback collectible, good condition; Publisher Random House;   minimum bid $6

3.      Riley Child-Rhymes; with Hoosier pictures; copyright 1905; excellent condition with illustrations; children’s stories and rhymes.        minimum bid $6

4.      Whale Tales;     copyright 1995; hand signed; stories of Wyland marine life artist; excellent condition.              minimum bid $6

5.      Abraham Lincoln;     biography in pictures; by Agnes Rogers; published 1940, second printing; good condition, collectible, contains 175 pictures from photos, paintings and lithographs.    minimum bid $6

6.      Carnation Cook Book; printed 1935 by the Carnation Company. Colored pictures. Recipes that can still be used today. Fried rabbit!!.        minimum bid $6

7.      The Sad Sack; copyright 1944; by Army comic Sad Sack; first seen in Yank magazine in 1942; book in good condition.                     minimum bid $6

8.      The Mightiest Army;   by Colonel Karl Detzer; copyright 1945 by Readers’ Digest; cover taped to binding, good shape for a magazine; pictures of WWII, some in color; collectible, wonderful read.            minimum bid $6

9.      The Alhambra;  by Washington Irving; 1925 printed in Great Britain; author’s travel to Spain in 1829-1832; excellent condition, collectible;                       minimum bid $5

10.   Pilot Bails Out;      copyright 1943; poems by Don Blanding during WWII to build hope and maintain morale; book gifted to a sweet girl, 1946.     minimum bid $6