Salary and Benefits Information
POST PAY (For highest level of certification obtained)
4.5% Above base for Intermediate POST (.5% increase July 2018)
9.5% Above base for Advanced POST (.5% increase July 2018)
Education Pay (Upon sworn appointment, for highest level of education completed)
2% AA/AS degree
4% BA/BS degree
5% MA/MS degree
Special Pay
7% Above base for Corporal pay
5% Above base for Motor pay
5% Above base for Detective pay, POP, SET Team
4% Above base for Admin, K-9, FTO, SRO, MET Team, Traffic & Whittwood Officer
Bilingual Pay (Upon sworn appointment)
$200 Per month for Spanish language.
Annual Uniform Allowance
$700 Per year


Lateral/Academy Trained: $5833-$7633 (2.5% increase July 2018)
Police Recruit: $4778-$6098 (2.5% increase July 2018)

Work Schedule

Patrol:  3/12.5 hour shifts

6 patrol teams working 3/12.5 hour shifts with one additional 10 hour shift every 28 days (usually on a Thursday).  The shifts are as follows:

1. Mon-Wed    6am-6:30pm
2. Mon-Wed    6pm-6:30am
3. Fri-Sun       6am-6:30pm
4. Fri-Sun       6pm-6:30am
5. Thurs-Sat   6am-6:30pm
6. Tue-Sat      2pm-2:30am (Tue/Wed) & 6pm-6:30am (Thurs) 

Inside personnel: 4/10 shifts

Investigations, Traffic, Administration and other specialized units.

The Whittier PD Advantage

Summer uniforms, report dictation, X26P Tasers issued to all officers, full time jail staff, all specialized positions are rotational, tactical team, new MDCs, civilian CSO units handle cold reports, college tuition reimbursement, $50k home purchasing assistance program and much more!

Health Insurance

The City pays a substantial portion of the premiums for medical and dental insurance and provides term life insurance.


10 1/2 days per year.

Vacation Leave

10 days per year up to a maximum of 24 days per year after 20 years of service plus credit for prior law enforcement service.

Sick Leave

96 hours per year plus credit for accrued non-compensated time for prior law enforcement service.

Personal Leave

24 hours per year may be charged to accrued sick leave. Flexible Benefit Plan Allows employee payment of insurance premiums, medical and dependent care expenses with Pre-Tax dollars, increasing take-home pay.


Employees hired prior to 1/1/13 and those individuals identified as Classic Members under Public Employment Retirement Law (PERL) will be enrolled in the City’s 3% @ 50 formula for Safety Members (2.5% @ 55 for Miscellaneous Members), and may have a future CalPERS contribution as established by resolutions, labor agreements or Public Employee Retirement Law. New Members under Public Employment Retirement Law (PERL) hired as of 1/1/13 will have the new CalPERS 2.7% @ 57 Safety Plan (2% @ 62 for Miscellaneous Plan), and will have a mandatory CalPERS contribution as established by PERL. There is currently no deduction for Social Security, as the City does not participate in the Social Security program.

Other Benefits

Deferred Compensation, Tuition Reimbursement, Employee Wellness and Employee Assistance Programs; Short Term Disability Plan; and Credit Union membership are available.