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Code Enforcement

Single Family Residence
Commercial Business
Industrial Business
Vacant Lot

Weathered paint, peeling paintBroken Windows or Missing Windows
Overgrown, dead, dying vegetationBroken, discarded, abandoned furniture
Unsecured poolsPortable shade canopies in required setbacks
Deteriorated fencesChain-link Fences prohibited
Abandoned structuresDeteriorated roof
Temporary lightingGreen pool
Flat tires/missing wheelsMissing engine or engine parts
Expired registrationCobwebs
Stored in backyardStored on jack stands
The trailer on this property is stored against the side property line
The trailer on this property hangs into the sidewalk or over the curb
The trailer on this property is stored in the backyard
Someone is living in the pool house
The garage has been converted into a living room or bedroom
The garage has a kitchen
The garage has not been converted but has a couch, TV, or pool table in it
The property has a new room or addition being built without permits
My neighbor is running a mechanics (or similar) business from his/her home (fill details of business hours below)
The home based business in my neighborhood has posted signs promoting their business
The home based business in my neighborhood makes excessive noise at:
My neighbor has had (check below) yard sales in the last 90 days.
12345 or more
My neighbor is holding yard sales on the following days:
This business is having sidewalk and parking lot sales/events
This business is operating 24 hours a day
This business has someone living inside of it
This business has equipment that is making too much noise between the hours of (fill below)

The business has a temporary banner displayed without a permit
The business installed a new permanent sign without a permit
This business has window signs that cover more than 25% of the window area
This uptown business has window signs that cover more than 15% of the window area
This property has more than three dogs/cats combined
This property has a dog that barks excessively between the hours of:

This property has not removed the animal feces in ___ days

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