Crime Analysis Unit

Crime Analysis is defined as a set of systematic, analytical processes directed at providing timely and pertinent information relative to crime patterns and trend correlations to assist the operational and administrative personnel in planning the deployment of resources for the prevention and suppression of criminal activities, aiding the investigative process, and increasing apprehensions and the clearance of cases.

The Crime Analysis Unit of the Whittier Police Department reviews all police reports for the purpose of establishing crime patterns within the city.  Using computer technology, the Crime Analysis Unit identifies groups of similar crimes in geographical areas and forwards the findings to the patrol and investigations divisions.  Enforcement plans are then constructed to combat the crimes pattern and hopefully apprehend the violators.

In the process of reviewing every police report taken by officers, the Crime Analysis Unit maintains statistical crime information that is complied on an on-going basis and provided to other divisions for enforcement and informational purposes.  The Crime Analysis Unit also compiles productivity information from all department divisions which is put together to monthly as a comprehensive report.

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