Crime Scene Investigations / Forensics

The Whittier Police Department Forensic Bureau provides technical support to the department in areas that require specialized training and experience related to physical evidence. These include photography, evidence collection, video taping, development and comparison of fingerprints, and crime scene diagram construction.  The Forensic Bureau is part of the the Investigations Division.

The Whittier Police Department is one of nine police agencies in Los Angeles County designated as a Latent Input Terminal for LACRIS (Los Angeles County Region Identification System). This allows local access to the CAL-D Automated Fingerprint Identification System databases at the California Department of Justice in Sacramento, Los County Sheriff Department in Norwalk, and the Los Angeles Police Department. All latent prints that are suitable for entry are processed and checked through this system, no matter how minor the crime. Serving as many as eleven other agencies, the Whittier LIT is one of the most active in the county. During some months it has logged more searches and bits than the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department.

It is the policy of the Whittier Police Department to print every vehicle stolen in the city of Whittier and Santa Fe Springs that is recovered in a 25 mile radius, whenever possible. Evidence submitted by field officers and detectives is also processed by the Forensic Bureau to chemically and physically develop latent prints.

Forensic Bureau Personnel respond on all homicides that occur in Whittier and Santa Fe Springs. They are responsible for photography, crime scene diagrams, fingerprinting, blood collection, video taping, and evidence collection at the scene.

Fingerprint comparison is done by Forensic Specialists. Testimony in court is often required regarding the identity of suspects that have left their prints at a crime scene, or lied about their identity when arrested.

You can contact the Forensics Bureau at (562) 567-9183.