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Whittier Police Jail

The Whittier Police Department operates a Type 1 Jail, which is a temporary holding facility. Our facility holds prisoners for up to 72 hours in most cases. After the 72-hour period the prisoner is turned over to the court.

The jail operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is responsible for the processing of all prisoners. This includes and is not limited to booking, fingerprinting, photographing, feeding, issuing clothing and personal items and physically monitoring the prisoner while they are in our facility.

Jail personnel use a sophisticated finger-printing identification system called LiveScan. The Live Scan Fingerprint System is an automated system that provides an effective way of capturing a person's fingerprints, without the use of ink. Designed for law enforcement agencies that require fingerprint systems for identification, the LiveScan unit offers several advantages over the traditional ink method.

The Live Scan unit enables subjects' fingerprints to be transmitted by phone lines to the California Department of Justice in Sacramento. This capability provides timely identification of individuals, while they are still in custody.