Police Records

The Whittier Police Department Records Bureau provides quality customer service to the public, both in-person and over the phone at the Whittier Police Station and the Police Services Center in Santa Fe Springs. The Whittier Records Bureau provides service to the public 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Records staff rotate between three shifts every three months - Approximately 5 to 6 assistants are assigned per shift.

Records personnel are responsible for processing and maintaining crime and arrest reports, traffic accidents, citations, and related documents in order to provide information to the Patrol Division, the Investigations Division, and to the public. 

The Records Bureau services civil and criminal subpoenas and provides supplemental reports and photographs requested for court proceedings. To maintain the security and the integrity of all documents, the Records Bureau is designated a restricted area within the Police Department. Records personnel also process vehicle impound and storage reports. 

Whittier Police Services Assistants also transcribe the majority of all police reports as Officers dictate the reports into hand held mini-recorders in the field. 

To contact Whittier Records Supervisor, Gloria Chavez, please call (562) 567-9150 or email her at gchavez@cityofwhittier.org

         Gloria Chavez
      Records Supervisor