Police Chaplains

The Whittier Police Department recognized that during or after crisis situations, the members of the community, city employees, and their immediate families may need access to spiritual guidance, counseling and assistance.  The Chaplain Program exists as a resource to meet those needs. Our chaplains ride with a uniformed officer on a regular basis.

Chaplain Duties Involve

  • Conduct invocations at academy graduations, award ceremonies, building and facility dedications, or at any other appropriate events.
  • Preside at weddings / funerals or other religious events.
  • Be available to families of officers in traumatic situations.
  • Provide personal or family counseling.
  • Visit sick or injured employees.
  • Respond to major incidents and cases involving serious injury to an employee.
  • Provide a voice to assist the Department in its dealings with community problems, needs, concerns and interests.
  • Provide instruction and consultation to the Department in human relations, ethics, family life and spiritual matters.

A Police Chaplain may be called to assist public safety personnel in a variety of situations including, but not limited to:

  • Death notifications and assistance.
  • Respond to accidents involving serious injury and be available to provide comfort to the injured and their families.
  • Assist with persons who are confused or emotionally upset.
  • Assist field personnel with suicide / attempted suicide situations.
  • Assist with family disturbances and marital quarrels.
  • Counsel chemical abusers or their families.
  • Assist with minor mental health problems.