Mentoring Program

The Whittier Police Department Mentoring Program is one of the first of its kind in Los Angeles County.  The Department values each and every employee and is highly committed to their development.  We understand transitioning to the world of law enforcement can be extremely challenging.  This progressive program is committed to assisting employees by providing an understanding of departmental culture, policies and procedures.  This is accomplished by creating a welcoming, positive and professional work environment.

Mentors are successful and dedicated veteran employees who are formally assigned to newly hired police personnel (Protégés) for the purpose of guiding and supporting them in the early stages of their careers.  A mentor will also outline future paths of career development for their protégé to help ensure their careers are as rewarding and fulfilling as possible.  The relationship established between the mentor and protégé is one that is based on trust and is designed to promote positive growth for the employee as well as the future of our Department.  The Whittier Police Department Mentoring Program is a vital component to the recruitment, development, and retention of our employees.