Vacation House Check Program

The Whittier Police Department's Vacation Check Program is designed to provide peace of mind to our residents while they are away from home for extended periods of time.  The Police Department will attempt to make periodic checks on your residence while it is vacant. Information you provide allows us to contact you or your designated emergency contact in the event that the residence may need attention.

The Vacation Check Program provides an overall increase in police presence around your home during your time away. Due to staffing issues and unforeseen circumstances we cannot guarantee the safety of your home or personal property, but the Whittier Police Department will utilize police volunteers to check on your home during your time away.  This program is a public service to help safeguard citizens' property and allow for a rapid response and owner notification in the event of a problem.

Qualifications for Vacation Check Program

  • Residence must be in the City of Whittier
  • A “Vacation Check” form must be completed and delivered to the Whittier Police Department. The authorization and waiver section of the form must be initialed before accepting the form.*No forms will be accepted by mail*
  • Service does not include feeding animals, watering plants, or picking-up mail and newspapers.
  • Service is not available for homes that are vacant or for rent.
  • Residents are required to call the Police Department if they return home earlier than planned.

Download the Vacation House Check Form