Volunteer Program

The Whittier Police Department Volunteer Program began in February 1995. At that time, 23 citizens attended an academy, which graduated in March of 1995.  Since its inception, the department has conducted a yearly “Citizen’s Academy” for interested Whittier and Santa Fe Springs residents.

The program now boasts over 40 volunteers who donate an average of 950 hours per month to the Cities of Whittier and Santa Fe Springs.  These volunteers work in every division and area within the department.  Some of their duty assignments include Uniform Patrol, Investigations, Communications, Community Relations, Records, and Special Assignments and Events.  These volunteers range in age from 26 to 82 years old and every one contributes to the Department’s philosophy of “Quality People, Quality Service.”

The volunteers group has become so inculcated into the police system that many full time employees throughout the city ask for their assistance.  Some of the volunteer activities/assignments include:

Uniform Patrol

Vehicle Patrol, Foot Patrol, Bicycle Patrol, Graffiti location identification/suppression, Vacation Checks, Business Checks, Parks/School Patrol, Special Problem Area Patrol, Voting Poll Monitoring, Yard Sale Permit.


Crime Report Follow-ups, Victim Re-interviews, Career Criminal Analysis, Computer/Data Entry, Misdemeanor Investigations, "Suspended” Reports, Pawn Shop Records Coordination, M.O. Runs, Assist Missing Persons Investigations, Subpoena Service, Crime Scene Witness Search.

Traffic Assignments

Juvenile Traffic Enforcement (Bicycle/Pedestrian/Skateboarding), Radar Surveys, Radar Trailing Positioning, Traffic Direction, Vehicle Safety/DUI Check Points, Abandoned Vehicle Program, Code Enforcement Patrol, Parking Violation Enforcement, School Programs Presentations.

Services Division

Special Event Communications, “HAM Watch” (CB Radio Monitoring), Neighborhood Watch Program Presentations, Anti-drug/Anti-Graffiti/Crime Prevention, Major Disaster Preparation/Career Day, Press Relations, Burglar Alarm Registration Program, T.R.S. Reporting, Courier Tasks, Telephone Relief.

Anyone interested in the Whittier Police Department Volunteer Program can contact Sgt. Dominic Iraldo at (562) 567-9132 or email him at diraldo@cityofwhittier.org  for further details.

If you are interested in the Volunteer Program, please click here for the application.