Special Enforcement Team

The Special Enforcement Team is based in Whittier and is responsible for identifying and impacting areas of recurring criminal activity or calls for service in the city.  The team is also responsible for directed gang enforcement.

The Special Enforcement Team works closely with the community to prevent future crime. Advising businesses and individuals of ways to protect themselves is a daily task of this team. Thefts from convenient stores decreased after the Special Enforcement Team recommended the installation of turnstiles. Owners of these stores were also advised of better ways to control the flow of customers and restrict the fast exit of any unpaid merchandise.

The Team also works with apartment mangers and property owners in the city. Helping resolve continuing problems caused by tenants can improve the quality of life and reduce crime in the area.

The Special Enforcement Team monitors areas in the city for the possibility of future crimes. By identifying a problem and working to resolve it, the team can prevent crime before it happens.