Police Canine Support

The Whittier Police Department canines, along with their handlers, patrol the streets of Whittier and Santa Fe Springs, helping out field officers in many situations.

Many times officers respond to "open door" calls in houses and businesses. Usually, no one is supposed to be in the building but a door is open. Sometimes people forget to close their doors. Other times a criminal may be the one who broke in and may be inside when the officers arrive on scene.

The canines are well trained in following the scent humans leave behind, which makes them a great people tracker. If there is a criminal inside the building, there is no where to hide when the canines enter. The canine handler always announces that a dog is coming in, giving the criminal a chance to give up before being sought by the dog. The canines also assist in searches for suspects who ran from the scene of a crime and are believed to be in the immediate area.

Whittier Police canines are cross trained to sniff out drugs. Officers that suspect drugs are present in a vehicle can call out canines to locate hiding places. Canine police cars are air-conditioned and tinted to keep them cool on hot days.