The Whittier Police Department SWAT Team is a highly trained tactical unit responsible for conducting search and arrest warrants and other high-risk operations outside of normal police functions in Whittier and Santa Fe Springs.  

Being on this team is a collateral assignment meaning that members perform their team duties in addition to their regularly assigned duties. This requires each member to have a high degree of dedication skill and fitness.

Furthermore, the Team provides expert instruction to department personnel in areas such as tactical/covert crisis entries, warrant service techniques, advanced firearms, rapid deployment/response to active shooter. 

Officers desiring to join the Tactical Team must participate in a multi-phase testing process. The process includes a rigorous physical fitness test, qualification on the tactical team handgun/rifle course and an oral interview with the team commander and team leaders to assess tactical thinking abilities and general knowledge.

Officers assigned to the Tactical Team attend an 80 hour Basic SWAT school.  They also receive training in the use of sophisticated weapons systems, less lethal munitions, dynamic and covert entries, breaching techniques and armored rescue vehicle operations.