Terrorism Interdiction Team

The Whittier Police Department's Terrorism Interdiction Unit is comprised of a Sergeant and two Officers.  The team is responsible for the following functions:

  • Resource to Patrol Officers and Investigators in the area of Terrorism background, trends, indicators, and explosive identification.
  • Intermediary between Patrol and Investigative operations, and County, State and Federal anti-terrorism task forces.
  • Intelligence gathering and networking with other LE agencies in the area of terrorism.
  • Ongoing threat assessment for critical infrastructure and possible targets in the cities of Whittier and Santa Fe Springs
  • Coordination of Department response to national threat level adjustments
  • Purchasing and maintenance of protective equipment for first responders
  • Public education via the website terrorism section and PowerPoint presentations in the areas of international terrorism trends, domestic terrorism trends, and preparedness.  Presentations are available to companies, service clubs, schools and any organization interested in the latest information about terrorism and LE response.

Team members have received extensive State and Federal certified training in the areas of:

  • International/Domestic Terrorism background
  • Terrorism trends and indicators
  • Patrol response to terrorism incidents
  • Interdicting terrorism in local communities
  • Explosives identification
  • Response to WMD
  • Response to suicide bombing incidents
  • Terrorism Liaison