Whittier Centre Theatre


The Whittier Center Theatre, built in 1960, is operated by the City of Whittier Parks, Recreation & Community Services Department.  This fully equipped, 400 seat theatre is housed in the Whittier Community Center and is used primarily for live theatrical productions.  It is home to Whittier Family Theatre, and serves many recreational and professional performing arts organizations in the area such as Whittier Community Theatre, Whittier's non-profit amateur theatre group. 


  • To educate young people in the theatre arts including acting, musical theatre, and theatrical production. 
  • To foster imagination, confidence, effective communication, group responsibility and the development of creative skills in an enjoyable, collaborative setting. 
  • To provide a range of culturally diverse theatrical experiences which inspire participants onstage and in the audience, and instill a sense of cultural and historical perspective. 
  • To nurture a lifelong appreciation of the arts among young people who will continue to support theatre, music, dance and other art forms as adults.

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For more information: please contact (562) 567-9430

Upcoming Events

February 5-6      Spring Theatre- Produced by California High School
February 11      Concert- Produced by Spiritt Family Services
February 13     "Elvis" Tribute- Produced by Kwick Productions
February 19,20,26,27,28
March 4-5
    "Tom Jones"- Produced by Whittier Community Theatre
March 11,12,13,16,17,18,19      La Serna Spring Show -  Produced by La Serna High
April 2      Author Lisa See- Produced by Whittier Public Library
April 7,8,9      St. Paul Show- Produced by St. Paul High
April 15,16,22,23      Bishop Amat Show- Produced by Bishop Amat High
April 28,29,30
     Whittier Christian Show- Produced by Whittier Christian High
May 7      John Lennon Tribute- Produced by City of Whittier
May 13,14,15,20,21,22      "Seussical"- Produced by Whittier Family Theatre
May 26      Dancing Whittier Stars!-  Whittier Community Foundation
May 28     Calprog Concert - Produced by Radiant Records
June 2,4,10,12,17,18     "The Games A Foot"- By Whittier Community Theatre
June 24,25,26         Dance Image Recital- Produced by Dance Image
June 29                                       Library Puppet Show -Produced By Whittier Public Library  
June 30                                    New Frontier Players Show- City of Whittier Therapeutics' 
July 15,16,22,23                        Young Artist Performance- Produced by Young Artist Theatre
July 29                                    3 Kings-Tribute to Elvis- Produced by Kwik Productions
August 11,12,12,&14                Charlie & the Chocolate Factory- By Whittier Family Theatre
August 27                               Elvis Extravaganza- Produced by Eddie Stephens
Sept. 9,10,16,17,18,23,24 Beauty & the Beast - Whittier Community Theatre

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