Social Services Commission

The Whittier Social Services Commission is a seven-member group which meets monthly to study and review the social needs of the City and make recommendations to the City Council.

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Among the programs the Commission oversees are:

The annual Social Services grant funding program for local non-profit agencies which provide necessary and specialized services to City of Whittier residents. Funds are granted annually on a fiscal year basis.

The Information and Referral Program provides residents with referrals to agencies if they have a concern or situation that is not handled through the City of Whittier. The Commission also publishes a Directory of Social Services.  Click here to download the complete 2011 Directory of Social Services in pdf format.

The annual Volunteer Recognition Program, which honors volunteers from non-profit, public and private sectors of the City who go above and beyond in providing outstanding volunteer service to our community. The volunteers are nominated by their agencies and reviewed by the Commission. Those selected are honored at a special reception and at the beginning of a City Council meeting, where they are introduced to the public.

The Commission also sponsors the annual Community Health Faire and "Kiddie-K Fun Run," in conjunction with the Police Department Open House. The Health Faire and Fun Run provide information and stress the importance of healthy lifestyles.