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Metro Board of Director's Update
Junte Directiva de Metro-Actualizacion de la Runion


Update: Eastside Transit Corridor Phase 2 receives Metro Board approval to move forward with revised environmental document



At their meeting on Thursday, May 25, the Metro Board of Directors approved a new Project Definition for environmental clearance of the Metro Eastside Gold Line Extension also known as the Eastside Transit Corridor Phase 2 project.   The new project definition includes three routes to be studied in a revised draft environmental document: 1. State Route 60 (SR-60) North Side Design Variation Alternative to South El Monte; 2. Washington Boulevard Alternative with Atlantic Boulevard Below-Grade Option to Whittier; and 3. Combined Alternative with both Alternatives.

The Board also approved a motion directing staff to report back on options to comply with the projected groundbreaking dates outlined in the Measure M Expenditure plan and potential opportunities for  accelerating both alignments.  This information would be provided to the board by the project team upon completion of the revised environmental document.

Please click on the links below to view the staff report and related attachments. 

For further information, call Martin Browne, City of Whittier at (562) 567-9480 or email Goldline@cityofwhittier.org .

Para más información, llame a Martin Browne, Ciudad de Whittier al (562) 567-9480 o envíe un correo electrónico a Goldline@cityofwhittier.org . 


The Eastside Gold Line Phase II light rail project seeks to extend the Gold Line east from its current terminus at Pomona Boulevard and Atlantic Boulevard.


The Washington Boulevard Coalition supports the Atlantic Underground variation for the Washington Boulevard route to travel north-south from the Gold Line terminus to Washington Boulevard before service continues east along Washington Boulevard into Whittier. This alignment avoids objections from Montebello to the use of north-south routes in their community, better satisfies the concerns of East Los Angeles residents, and serves both the Citadel shopping area and Casino in Commerce. 

Benefits of the Washington Boulevard alignment

  • Helps people get to jobs
  • Connects communities to each other and to housing, education, healthcare, shopping, and entertainment
  • Provides transit to more disadvantaged residents, many with limited or no access to private vehicles
  • Improves traffic congestion
  • Reduces air pollution
  • Best supports regional land use objectives
  • Provides significant opportunities for economic growth and positive community transformation
  • Nine light rail stations can help the communities nearby to redevelop
  • Serves more riders at a lower cost per rider than the SR-60 Freeway route
  • Carries a million more passengers every year than the SR-60 Freeway route
  • Highest number of new riders

The work of interested residents and businesses has been instrumental in moving forward the Washington Boulevard alternative. Together we can bring the Gold Line to Whittier – a gift for the community and generations to come.

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