Public Works

Public Works Director Dave Schickling
David Schickling
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The Public Works Department is comprised of six divisions: Streets, Water, Solid Waste Disposal, Engineering, Fleet, and Civic Center Maintenance. Public Works is dedicated to contributing to a safe environment for the community by providing fast and courteous service to its customers.

  • The Street Division maintains a total of 194.6 miles of streets, including 6.4 miles of State Highway (72). In addition, this Division is responsible for maintaining streetlights, street signs, and sweeping.
  • The Water Division provides water service to 48,000 customers and operates and maintains a water pumping plant that produces 8,000,000 gallons of water per day.
  • The Solid Waste Disposal Division operates the City’s landfill which can be utilized by City of Whittier residents only.
  • The Engineering Division oversees capital improvement projects pertaining to City streets and sidewalks. In addition, this division provides information pertaining to traffic and parking issues and public right-of-way. The Engineering Division also issues excavation permits, easements and property vacations.
  • The Fleet Division maintains City-owned vehicles and equipment. The Fleet Division follows the Vehicle and Equipment Donation Policy to donate retired and surplus vehicles and equipment to local not-for-profit organizations.
  • The Civic Center Maintenance Division maintains City-owned buildings.
  • Finally, the Sewer Division is part of Streets and is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all sewer mains throughout the City.