Traffic Engineering

Traffic Calming

As a result of the continuing growth in this region, the surrounding freeways and some of the City’s arterials have been experiencing an increase in congestion. Many motorists have discovered ways of bypassing the congested freeways and arterials by utilizing neighborhood residential streets to move from one arterial to another or as a shortcut to their destination. As a result, the undesirable characteristics of the bypassing traffic in some neighborhoods have evolved to a level where some residential neighborhoods have become intolerant. The City Council has recognized the need of addressing residents’ concern of high traffic speed and volume.

This Traffic Calming Policy was developed to address the needs of the City of Whittier. Specific methods and/or calming techniques are to be evaluated during the comprehensive process that heavily involves the citizens’ participation. The funding authority rests with the Whittier City Council from recommendations of the Parking and Transportation Commission.

Curb Address Painting

The City has approved the non-profit agency, Canning Hunger, to paint addresses on curbs and in alleys.  Voluntary donations not exceeding $15 will be requested.  Canning Hunger representatives will wear orange shirts with white badges and will carry a copy of the City permit and business license at all times.  They are not permitted to collect donations after 7:30 p.m.  Canning Hunger is the only agency currently permitted to paint addresses on curbs and in alleys.  Contact the Department of Public Works at (562) 567-9518 for further information.

Street Sweeping

The City of Whittier provides its residents with street sweeping service in an effort to beautify and enhance the aesthetics of our 200-mile City Street system.

Our goal is to serve you by maintaining a healthy, safe and clean environment for our community. Our street sweeping service supports our effort to comply with the Federal Clean Water Act and to conform to the National Pollutants Discharge System (NPDES) Best Management Practices to protect our storm drain system.

Bike Routes

The City of Whittier maintains approximately 43 miles of Class I, II, and III bikeways within the city limits.

Preferential Parking Districts