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Official Results

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Election Results

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Mayoral Candidates

Total Votes


Lisa Lopez 511 6.09%
Joe Vinatieri 3,696 44.05%
Owen Newcomer 2,803 33.4% 
Nick Donovan 1,283 15.29%
L. Leon Savage (write-in) 11 .13%

District 1 Council Candidates

Total Votes


David Gonzalez 446  39.89%
Robert Arthur Canales 101 9.03%
Josué Alvarado 535 47.85%

District 3 Council Candidate

Cathy Warner    


Cathy Warner was the only person to file for the position of Council Member, District 3. On January 26, 2016 the City Council appointed Mrs. Warner, a current Council Member, to the new position and cancelled the Election for that race.

City-wide Statistics

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