¿Quién puede firmar mi papel de nominación?
Para los candidatos a Mayoral, cualquier votante registrado en la Ciudad de Whittier puede firmar su documento de nominación.

Para los candidatos del Consejo, solo los votantes registrados que residan en su distrito pueden firmar su documento de nominación.

El candidato y / o su circulador pueden firmar su propio documento de nominación. Ningún votante puede firmar más de un documento de nominación para la misma oficina. Si el votante lo hace, la firma del votante solo contará en el primer documento de nominación que contenga la firma del votante. Cada asiento de la mesa directiva es una oficina separada. Su documento de nominación debe contener al menos 20 y no más de 30 firmas; se debe verificar un mínimo de 20 para que su nominación sea válida.

How do I report an abandoned shopping cart?
To report abandoned shopping carts in the City of Whittier, call 800-252-4613, California Shopping Cart Retrieval Group, and give the location of the cart and the name of the store that the cart is from.

How long does it take to get my Passport?

The U.S. Passport Office guarantees delivery as follows:

  • Routine Service: 4-6 weeks from receipt at the Processing Center.
  • Expedited Service: 2-3 weeks from receipt at the Processing Center.

Please be advised that the Whittier Public Library has no authority to modify these time frames.

You may also request and pay extra for Overnight Mail Delivery from the Library to the Processing Center for an additional $18.95 express mail fee. The same service is also offered from the Processing Center to your residence for an additional $12.72.

How long is a banner permit good for?
A banner may be permitted for 10 days within a month.

I would like to request a Proclamation or Certificate of Commendation. Who do I talk to?
Please call the City Manager's Office at 567-9300.

I'm replacing my existing driveway approach; do I need to obtain a permit?
Yes, anytime improvements are being made within the City's right-of-way, a permit is required. The permit can be obtained through the Engineering Division located in Public Works.

What is required for a passport for children under 16?

Both parents or legal guardians must:

  • Present evidence of child’s U.S. citizenship.
  • Present evidence that they are the parents or guardian.
  • Show valid personal identification.
  • Sign and take an oath before an authorized passport acceptance agent.

What is the City's official flower?
The Friendship Rose.

Where can I find information about the members of the City Council?
Please click here to see pictures and biographies of the Whittier City Council.

Where can I view information regarding property taxes in the Los Angeles County area?
Los Angeles County Assessor establish a multi-jurisdictional Los Angeles Property Tax Website to provide one-stop internet answers to basic questions about assessment, taxation and appeals matters. The new website can be accessed at

Who can I call for information on services and resources in the Whittier Community?

Our City staff and volunteers are available to provide information on a variety of services and resources in the Whittier Community. If you have questions on:

  • City Services
  • Legal Assistance
  • State & Federal Services
  • Health Services
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Local Organizations
  • Social Services

Call the City of Whittier Information & Referral Office Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at (562) 567-9476.

Who provides the U.S. Passport Acceptance Service?
Library staff has been designated by the U.S. State Department as U.S. Passport Acceptance Agents. In this capacity we are required to follow all Federal rules and regulations. There are NO exceptions. Service may be denied if applicants do not supply the required documentation or adhere to U.S. Passport Acceptance rules and regulations.

Does the City do a Certificate for an Eagle Scout or Girl Scout Gold or Silver Award?
Yes, call the City Manager's Office at 567-9300.

How can I become a Board and Commission member?
Click here for board and commission qualifications and application form.

Can you tell me when the Commissions meet?
Click here for information on when the City’s Boards and Commissions meet.

Where does my property line begin?
Property lines vary in location, but are often about 8 feet to 12 feet behind the curb. The Engineering Division in Public Works can assist you with this information. Please call (562) 567-9500.

How do I register to vote?
Voter registration forms are available at:

  • City Clerk’s office
  • Whittier Libraries
  • Post Offices

You can also register to vote on-line through the Secretary of State's office by using the link below.

To obtain a form in the mail call the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk at the number below. The County is the agency responsible for voter registration records for Whittier voters.

Phone: 1-800-815-2666

Register Online

I would like to re-landscape or make improvements within my parkway. Do I need City approval?
Yes, all proposed improvements need to be reviewed by the City. Please contact the Engineering Division in Public Works prior to beginning any parkway improvements.

How can I become a Council Member? How can I become the Mayor?

The City holds an election for City Council on the second Tuesday of April in even-numbered years. The election is announced in November. Candidate Handbooks are available in mid-December.

Once the Election results are final, the City Clerk administers the oath of office to each newly elected Council Member. The first order of business is the election of the mayor from the members of the Council. The selected Council Member will serve as mayor for one year. On the third Tuesday in April of odd-numbered years, the City Council again selects a new Mayor.

My water has odor/discoloration/sediment. Who do I report these types of problems to?
Public Works Customer Service can schedule someone from the Water Division to go out and check on the problem for you. Please call (562) 567-9530.

How can I serve the City?

Registered voters of the City of Whittier can apply to become a member of a City board, commission, committee or task force. The City Clerk’s office will have information about how to apply for the positions available. Click here for an application.

The City also has volunteer positions available through the Community Services Division and the Whittier Public Library. Contact Ruri Pierre, Community Services Supervisor, at the Senior Center, (562) 567-9471, for more information, to volunteer for the Community Services Dept. Applications can be obtained at the Senior Center, 13225 Walnut St. Contact the Library at (562) 567-9900 for volunteer opportunities at the two libraries.

Is it possible to have the curb in front of my home or business painted?
Contact the Engineering Division in Public Works at (562) 567-9500 and they can advise you on what your options are and provide you with an application.

Which cable company serves Whittier and what are the service parameters?
Video programming services are provided by Charter Communications and Frontier Communications. The companies must provide customers with:

  • response to service outages within 24 hours
  • 2-hour or 4-hour service windows
  • 90% of all customer calls connected to a live operator within 30 seconds

Please call the City at (562) 567-9480 if Charter does not meet these standards.

Frontier Communications FiOS is being offered in certain parts of the City. As the fiber optics are being installed in different parts of Whittier, it will eventually cover the entire city. For more information or to reach customer service, please call 1-844-515-8314 or visit their website at

Who do I talk to regarding the Cable Television franchise?

The state now issues all cable television franchises in California. For further information, contact the State Public Utilities Commission at:
LA Office - 213-576-7000
Toll Free - 800-649-7570

What do I need to do to put something on the Channel 3 message board?
Channel 3 is a municipal access channel and will put information on the screen for non-profit, Whittier-based organizations. You may e-mail event information to Click here to see the regular programming schedule.

How do I talk to/reach a Council Member? Is the City Council in the office (i.e. City Hall) during the day?
The City Council doesn’t hold regular office hours during the day due to regular full-time jobs; however, call Administration to leave a message at 567-9300.

Who is our City Attorney?
The City contracts with Richard D. Jones, Attorney at Law. Contact the City Manager's Office for more information at 567-9300.

How do I set up a tour of City Hall for my classroom or Girl Scout/Boy Scout Troop?
Please call the City Manager's Office at 567-9300.

Who do I talk to regarding filming in the City of Whittier? Do I need a film permit if I’m a student?
Yes, contact the Public Works Department at (562) 567-9500 for more information. You can click here to download an application in pdf format.

When are the Council meetings/Planning Commission meetings shown on CableTV?
City Council and Planning Commission meetings are shown live on scheduled meeting dates. Replays are shown throughout the week. Call Administration for schedule – 567-9300 or click here to see this month's and next month's calendared meetings. The City channel on the Charter Communications System is Channel 3. Frontier Communications offers the City Channel on Channel 3.

Can I request a DVD of a City Council or Planning Commision Meeting?
City Council and Planning Commission meetings are broadcast live and rebroadcast during the week. Copies of meetings are available for viewing at the Whittier Public Library and can be purchased from the City Clerk Office at City Hall.

What is the parkway area in front of my property?
The parkway area is defined as that portion of public right of way between the street and your property line.