What positions do you have available?
All of our current job openings are listed on our website, click here to see current listings.

Where can I find information on City of Whittier employee salaries?
Information on the Citys employees' salaries, including a list of the top 25, can be found on the Administrative Services section of the City's website.

Salary Information

Where can I find detailed information about a job listing?
Salary, duties and position requirements are all listed on the job flyer. Click here to see current City postings.

Where can I get an employment application?
Employment applications are available in person from Human Resources in City Hall, or you may download the application - (Adobe Reader is required to view/print), or they can be mailed to you. To have an application mailed to you please call Human Resources Staff during normal business hours at (562) 567-9830.

Can I fax my employment application to you?
Yes, we will accept applications sent via fax only if we receive your original application via the mail or in person and the job listing does not prohibit faxes. We will replace your faxed application with the original when it is received.