Certificate of Appropriateness (General)

Do I need to comply with the City’s Historic Resources Ordinance?

Compliance with the City’s Historic Resources Ordinance is mandatory for:

  • All “vintage” properties developed prior to 1941;
  • All eligible and designated historic landmarks; and,
  • Properties located within a historic district.

What is the difference between a “historic resource” and “vintage” building/structure?

A “historic resource” means any improvement, historic landmark or district, or other object of cultural, architectural or historical significance to the citizens of the city, the region, the state or the nation, which is designated or eligible for designation and determined to be appropriate for historic preservation by the Historic Resources Commission or by the City Council upon appeal. “Vintage buildings and structures” are improvements that were constructed prior to 1941 that are not currently identified as an eligible or designated historic landmark.

Is a Certificate of Appropriateness required for interior work?

Interior work which does not result in any alterations or changes to the exterior of a building or structure is not subject to a Certificate of Appropriateness Application.

Cool-a-Coo and Former Citrus Association Packing House examples of exteriors.