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City eNewsletters

This subscription will provide notices about the upcoming City Election.
Whittier Update
A quarterly newsletter from City Administration with updates on services, events and City news.

Agendas and Minutes

City Council Agendas and Minutes
Notifications of posting of new City Council agendas, minutes and/or videos of public meetings.

Boards and Commissions Agendas and Minutes
This subscription will deliver monthly agendas, reports and minutes related to the Boards and Commissions.

Community Development
Community Development
This subscription will provide you with periodic updates related to planning, building, and economic development including historic preservation and housing.
Uptown Streetscape Beautification Plan
Get involved in the effort to enrich Uptown by improving the pedestrian experience as well as integrating landscape and hardscape amenities into the fabric of Uptown
Uptown Parking
The City has funded design of a new Uptown Parking Structure on Comstock Avenue between Philadelphia Street and Bailey Street.  The Uptown Parking Management Plan approved in 2010 also suggested a phase in of metered parking after the parking supply is increased.  Sign up for this enewsletter if you would like information about this topic area.
Uptown Proposed Community Benefit District
This project began in late 2015 and will provide Uptown property owners the ability to vote to form a special assessment district that would provide special benefits to help make uptown a pleasant, safe, and thriving place to live, work, and play.
Employment Opportunities
Notifications of current employment opportunities.

Parks, Recreation and Community Services

Community Special Events
Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department special event announcements. Includes events such as the WYN Club Family Night to major events like the Eggxtravaganza. Also includes PRCS Foundations events – “Paws 4 a Cause,” “Dancing with the Whittier Stars,” etc.

Cultural Arts Events
Announcement and event information for the Cultural Arts in Whittier.

Parks & Greenway Trail Updates
Updates and announcements about upcoming events in the City Parks and along the Greenway Trail.

Recreation Classes
Class registration announcements; highlighting new and/or special classes.

Police Department

Police Events and News - Santa Fe Springs
The Whittier Police Department invites you to receive emails about current crime trends in Santa Fe Springs, special alerts and events the Whittier Police Department will be participating in throughout the year.

Police Events and News - Whittier
The Whittier Police Department invites you to receive emails about current crime trends in Whittier, special alerts and events the Whittier Police Department will be participating in throughout the year.

Whittier Public Library

Library News & Special Events
Keep up with library news,  special events and services.

Kids, Tweens & Teens
The library offers a variety of activities, programs and events for children and teens of all ages throughout the year.

Library Events Calendar
A master events calendar with the great programs offered at both the Central and Whittwood Branch libraries.