Whittier 24/7

City Hall goes 24/7 with Whittier 24/7

It’s easier than ever for you to contact us with your requests, questions, and concerns. Whittier 24/7 is a new system that will allow you to contact us 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week using your smart phone, tablet or PC. Whittier 24/7 is available to iPhone and Android smart phone users by downloading the free application.

The City of Whittier staff are already very helpful, but Whittier 24/7 will make it seem as if there’s a staff member on call around the clock to help you. If you prefer to make a request, comment, or question from your PC, go to the Whittier 24/7 page on our website (click here). The system features simple pull-down menus and is a breeze to use.

No matter which way you choose to contact us, you don’t have to know which employee or department is responsible for a specific service – the system ensures the right person is contacted. And if you prefer to make your request or comment confidentially, you’ll always have that option too.

Whittier 24/7 will:

  • Create a unique tracking number for each request to easily track its status at any time.
  • Automatically send you a status report for your request and notify you when the request has been completed.
  • Allow you to contact the City whenever it’s most convenient for you.

Once you use the Whittier 24/7, you’ll see how easy it is to use. If you have questions about Whittier 24/7, please call the City’s Information Technology Division at 562-567-9870.

To download the free Whittier 24/7 app, click on the links below

Do not use Whittier 24/7  to report emergencies

To speak with a staff member during business hours, call 562-567-9999

For after hours help with water or sewer breaks, fallen trees, or other emergencies, call

Connect with the City of Whittier on the go!

To get the free iPhone app: https://www.publicstuff.com/iphone/1000052
To get the free Android app: https://www.publicstuff.com/android/1000052

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Whittier 24/7 for the Android




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