COVID-19 Update: Saturday, July 11, 2020

WHITTIER, Calif. – Governor Gavin Newsom and the County of Los Angeles recently mandated the closure of beaches, museums, and indoor restaurant service for a minimum of three weeks. (Read latest information here)

Whittier Housing Authority

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The Whittier Housing Authority was reactivated for fiscal year 2014-15 in response to the dissolution of California redevelopment agencies, which were eliminated in 2012 due to the passage of AB26. Prior to the loss of redevelopment, 20% of all redevelopment tax increment revenue was mandated to support low and moderate income housing programs. Unfortunately, the legislation that eliminated redevelopment failed to provide a funding source for future low and moderate housing needs of the community.

The Housing Authority is responsible to manage the remaining housing assets of the former redevelopment agencies, including bond funds and real property. It will ultimately be the responsibility of the Whittier Housing Authority to utilize these assets in a fiscally prudent manner to generate the greatest benefit for the community’s low and moderate income population.

Key Goals

  • Improve and increase the supply of affordable housing for low and moderate income families in Whittier
  • Liquidate available parcels to generate additional financing opportunities for future affordable housing activities within the City