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Historic Preservation

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To recognize and retain important historic resources in the community, the City of Whittier is committed to identifying, preserving and protecting those significant buildings, structures, objects and places that convey Whittier’s history and heritage. This is accomplished through the City’s Historic Resources Element of the Whittier General Plan and the City’s Historic Resources Ordinance that was first adopted in 1986 and expanded in 2001. Whittier’s tangible links to the City’s past are important icons that promote public understanding, appreciation and civic pride for those people, places and events that contributed to making Whittier the great community we enjoy today. The City of Whittier greatly appreciates your cooperation in partnering with us to accomplish these community goals and ensure that our historic and vintage buildings are properly managed and maintained for future generations to also use and enjoy.

It is important to realize that building and/or planning permits, issued by the Community Development Department, are often required for interior and exterior construction/renovation projects. The type(s) of permits that may be required depend on the scope of your project. Therefore, it is critical that you communicate with the Community Development Department during the conceptual stage of planning your project, long before developing construction drawings, purchasing materials or beginning on-site work. In doing so, staff can help guide and assist you with your project to make sure it goes smoothly and trouble-free. Although there are many good real estate and home improvement professionals in the community, please do not rely on them to interpret City codes and requirements for your project. Only City of Whittier Staff can give you reliable, answers to City requirements and processing procedures for projects in Whittier. The City appreciates the time and investment you put into your property and would like to support and assist you in that effort by being a helpful resource.

To help convey key information on important topics associated with historic resource management in the City, please click on the links contained along the side menu bar. As you do so, please take some time to explore the information provided and learn a little about Whittier’s history, the City’s General Plan and Whittier’s Citywide Historic Resources Ordinance. You can also introduce yourself to the City’s historic landmarks and districts. All Historic Resources Commission Applications can be downloaded from this portion of the website with informative information about each application and frequently asked questions answered. There are also numerous historic resource reference links available for your use.

We hope you find the historic resource section of this website to be useful and informative. If you have questions, you are encouraged to contact the Community Development Department at (562) 567-9320. Thanks for visiting!